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All About Propping In Construction

Propping is a lot like scaffolding which are used in the construction to support the load. These are used during the construction of the building when the building is not fully completed and there are number of uses of these props and therefore, the propping hire in adelaide was also introduced in case some people only need for a short project so instead of buying these, they opt for the propping hire.

The types of the propping:

The props vary in the sizes, designs and construction material which is very much essential for the construction to provide the high quality. Some of the common types of the props include the acrow prop, titan and tilt prop and mono props as well. The most common kind of the props are the acrow prop in which the support of the load is medium. Then there are tilt props which are normally used for the cemented walls. Titans are manufactured by the aluminium and this is one of the strongest props because it can support the weight eight times more than their own weight.

Propping hire or buy?

Propping is a part of the construction which cannot be avoided and you need it in order to do the construction no matter what kind of construction you are doing. But according to the project and the frequency of the projects you get, you could decide whether you want to buy the propping or should go for the propping hire. Not only this but the propping hire comes with many other additional benefits and less things to worry about as well and some of these are listed below:


In Australia, there are safety compliances attached with each kind of the propping that one uses for the construction in order to determine that the construction is performed safely and all these safety compliances must be followed. If you buy the propping then this means that its on you to comply these but in case of propping hire, it is the responsibility of the company providing you the props. Not only this gives you better safety and less responsibility because these people have been in the business of the propping for a long time and they are very well versed with the functions and the support of each and every type of the prop. Along with this you are also able to save your investment since the prices of purchasing the propping is greater than the propping hire.


A lot of your time and labour is saved when you settle for the propping hire because the companies giving the propping hire has a complete team who would come to your construction site and would assemble the props for you and then when you are done with these, they also dismantle these and take these back. This means you are saved from pick and drop and also the setting task.